PLNZ is the first platform and mobile application dedicated to young contemporary artists of Generation Z. Our mission is to provide a dynamic space where artists can showcase their unique creations, sell them, and engage with brands and collectors.

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We bridge Millennial collectors with Generation Z talents, empowering them to curate significant collections and champion the development of young artists.


We believe in young artists’ growth potential in the contemporary art scene. Already in 2020 our international art magazine ArtPremium  was fully dedicated to the special issue “Generation Z: Artists on the rise”. This edition sold in international art institutions served as a renowned platform and reference for the chosen art students or newly graduates  (18 to 29 years old) from art schools worldwide. The 160 pages printed magazine provided an incredible visibility for our 50 selected young artists. LINK HERE

In addition to being showcased on POLLEN Z platform and connected to new collectors and art buyers, artists will have a chance to be featured in the upcoming 2024 edition of ArtPremium magazine that will again comprise a visionary curation of  young artists.

Applying to become a featured artist in PLNZ Magazine is easy. Simply fill out our online application form and submit your portfolio showcasing your best work.
We accept various forms of visual art, including but not limited to paintings, illustrations, photography, digital art, and mixed media.